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Welcome to the official website of actor, writer, director and producer John Rackham.


I have to tell stories: John Rackham

as an actor, writer and director. 

If need to produce to get it done, that's good too.



Feature film acting work includes British indies Richard III, Greetings, Counterfeit Butterfly and Ross Boyask's cult actioners Left for Dead, Ten Dead Men and Warrioress.

Shorts include Unwatchable and Frightfest competiton finalist Six Seconds to Die.

I've written, produced and directed 4 shorts and my feature Bloodmyth, learning as I go.

Current projects include action fantasy Blood for the Hunter and action thriller Nemesis.



I've taken 5 shows to the San Francisco Fringe - two sketch comedy shows, two adaptations and one original play.

In 2006 my company won a Best of Fringe Award.

My stage adaptation of Conrad's Heart of Darkness was described by a member of the Conrad Society as "The yardstick by which we judge all adaptations of Conrad's work."