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 Bloodmyth (2010) Imdb

Psychological thriller.

Two sisters and a small group of survival course participants fight for their lives in a remote wood.

Starring Shelley Halstead, Natalie Clayton, Ben Shockley, James Payton, Keith Eyles, Ian Attfield, Henry Dunn, Robert Wainright, Jane Gull and John Rackham.

Now available on King's of Horror channel on YouTube

remington 870 tactical shotgun by drake uk d2tzoic

Nemesis (script)

Action thriller 

A British government assassin tries to save two young sisters from sexual exploitation by a street gang. It leads her to an aristocratic serial killer at the centre of an influential paedophile ring and to a confrontation between her loyalties and her moral code

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Blood for the Hunter (script)

Supernatural action thriller.


16-year-old Jess Stafford goes missing while jogging near Hobbes' Wood. Her father gets together a team of mercenaries and goes looking. Skilled, and heavily armed, they're ready for anything human. But Hobbes Wood is a gateway to the Old Forest and Jess has been taken by the Wild Hunt.Soon the search team have disappeared too, leaving only Jess's sister Kate and security operative Alice, who stayed with the vehicles. They go on a rescue mission that will pit them against terrifying ancient demons and their cult followers. Ultimately, guns don't work and the cult must be fought hand to hand, with steel. 

It all started with my curiosity about Wild Hunt myths. Almost every country in Europe has one. All the myths have one common element – if you see the Hunt, you die. Way back in time, with Proto-Indo-Europeans, there was a common origin to the myths. What if that common source was real?

I imagined ancient creatures that feed on the energy from death. They developed a symbiotic relationship with humans, following and helping the hunt to feed on the energy from the kill. Gradually they took the forms that humans wanted for their gods in and, in search of more death to feed their power, drove them on to conquest so that they spread across Europe. Later, after their worshippers fell away, they lost power and became dormant. But now someone has revived them with blood sacrifice.